Why the Name?

I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of july!!! Some of you may be wondering why the name “From the tips of the Evergreens” I am not from Seattle and you will soon discover i am not a fan of Seattle. Whether it be the persistent gloom of the low clouds and constant drizzle that amounts to nothing more than .05″ of rain, or maybe its all the hipsters that ruffle my feathers, or the people who think its ok to drive 10 mph below the speed limit on the road and drive in the left lane at 55mph. For those an other reasons i am just not a fan of the Seattle area. There are few things i do like about Seattle, one of them being evergreen trees. I have been fascinated by the trees ever since the Hanukkah eve windstorm in 2006 which knocked down 11 of the giants in our yard and 3 on our house. My appreciation for the trees grew, the giants that loomed above us, quiet but alive, but at the same time could be awake and roaring during a windstorm, on the east coast there are pine trees and various leafed trees, nothing like the giant evergreens here and for some reason i love them. They are beautiful and powerful yet kind and gentle at the same time. There is something about them that is just truly amazing that i absolutely love, so i thought a catch title would be from the tips of the evergreens. So that’s pretty much why the name is what it is. Anyways another post will probably be coming later on tonight. 

Have a great day!



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