Good day LATE Nighters!!! I’m up right now because i just woke up from a night mare and am trying to regain myself so i can get  a couple hours more of sleep before work. I’ll give you the very brief description because i’m going to try to go back to sleep after this. Well pretty much i only remember the ending. So apparently i was like a grave hunter or something but i was an apprentice or partner with someone grave hunting. I dont really know exactly what we were doing/ what we did. Anyways there was some huge thing with mosaics…i dont know why but i just remember that.

I dont remember the majority of the main part of it but i remember the end. It was a cloudy morning and i was walking through this graveyard and all of a sudden this dude in a hood starts following me through this really disorganized graveyard and i try to lose him but he is still there. I start running till i get back to the building with a ton of mosaics stuff but it was me and the other dudes workshop i guess. The person who was following me follows me and starts talking to me about how the other dedicated the rest of his life for searching for my grave. (so i guess i died and did something to piss him off so he wanted to hunt my grave down and do whatever we did with them?). All of a sudden the man is now a creepy old lady and she is showing me this tool that looks like a lamp which ends up being the grave hunting too, but it is a special one to look for my grave. (Well i guess i time traveled though or something and faked my death in that time and now live in the future and this older lady is the only connection to the guy i used to work with.)

So i lucked out with it not finding my grave apparently, but im not out of the woods. She all of a sudden gets really creepy and up in my face saying she will hunt down my grave and stuff blah blah blah. Next thing i know i have fallen down the stairs out the front door and im on the ground. She throws the grave hunter thing at me but keeps one part of it to “remind her” but throws the rest to me which starts glowing and shaking. I’m totally freaked out, i ask her what happens if i try to melt it down? She says it will explode in my face and kill me…super freaked out i run to my car and speed off and thats when i woke up.

Lots of gaps in that but thats pretty much all i remember. I’ll try to fill in the blanks tomorrow, time to try to sleep again

on a different note, does anyone have dreams that feel like they come true? I just had a total deja vu moment…i feel like i already dreamed about writing this post and i distinctly remember all the recommended tags…dejavu…is it just me that dreams about stuff that happens in the future sometimes or do others too?


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