Every Uphill Has A Downhill

So yesterday i biked 25 miles and as i was speeding down a hill going from an elevation of 575ft down to 180ft I made the stark realization that i was going to have bike back up that elevation going home. Then i thought of every uphill had a downhill and i liked that saying, its not very creative or anything but i still like it. I forget if i told you guys or not but i have been battling with depression for the last year, suicidal thoughts etc. that has really effected me, it has also been accompanied by some mood swings so to say, random times i will just get so angry over the littlest things. Along with that i have absolutely zero self esteem and lots of other issues, YAY (not)! So if i didnt there it is and if i already did…well…now you know…again. Anyways i have been battling, going back and forward about whether or not i want to tell my doctor about it. It would mean some people who i don’t want to find out. Anyways i was thinking about all of this while coasting down the downhill and realized that you just have to push through the uphills and all the challenges to get to the downhill…no matter how high the hill is. Although im thinking about this so positively right now i doubt it will do me jack shit when im in one of my down in the dumps deep depression stages and i feel like there is no downhill, just up. Though hopefully it might inspire someone reading this…wow im just a bundle full of positivity right now. And with that i leave you all a question. Have any of you talked to your doctor about depression issues (if you have had any) even though it means people who you really dont want to find out end up finding out?

Sorry that was shorter than i hoped…anyways….


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