A Week Already

Well it has been a week since my last post and a busy week at that so i guess i should post again πŸ˜› . There isnt much to talk about in my boring life right now. It has been a busy week at work and of course i had to get sick yesterday. Stayed home from work today feeling like crap. On the upside though i got a Canon 60D yesterday! I am so excited to play with it but due to being sick and being cloudy and dreary today i haven’t had much inspiration yet. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, I’ve got a birthday party tomorrow night. Now please excuse me while i scramble to find a gift for my friend! πŸ˜› Here are some shots from this past weekend, i went exploring up in the mountains on forest service roads, very beautiful up there with the wildflowers in full bloom!



Exploring NOWM-4854 Exploring NOWM-4901 Exploring NOWM-4906 Exploring NOWM-4962 Exploring NOWM-4967 Exploring NOWM-4979 Exploring NOWM-5002 Exploring NOWM-5006 Exploring NOWM-5051 Exploring NOWM-5060



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