There are few friends who I confide in about my issues but the friends that I do have been so supportive. They put up with me ranting about my issues. Put up with me feeling guilty, the bad days when nothing is worth it. The days when they have a stern conversation with me to go get help and tell my doctor. They know exactly what to say and when to say it. Even though sometimes I get upset because they are making way too much sense. They even put up with me being stubborn and not getting help or anything. They even try to put up with me when i feel like they just pity me and that’s why there my friend and i try to push them away. Even though none of them will read this I hope you all have at least one friend like that.

I meant for this post to have more meaning maybe…I don’t know, anyways even though you may be an anti social, depressing, angry, bitter person like myself even some people will be your friend. There will be times when you feel like they just pity you and that you are making them angry and weighing them down but in the end they wont let you push them away.


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