We Are All The Same.

Well I have been thinking, SHOCKER! (not) about life and was thinking about the differences between teenage guys and girls dealing with depression. When people think of depression first of all they think of girls not guys a lot of the time, especially when thinking about self harm but guys deal with it too. Guys feel empty for no reason at all, guys feel isolated when in public, guys hate themselves too. It doesn’t matter whether your a girl or a guy we all have issues but for some reason there seem to be such differences when it comes to this topic. Guys are typically told to “Suck it up” or to “Man Up” or the most common to “Grow a pair”. While these phrases can hurt what really hurts is the fact that it makes us feel ashamed of who these issues and therefore don’t tell anyone and just try to deal with them and try to “suck it up” and only tell a few people and never do anything to get help. Personally I always feel ashamed of my issues, ashamed of who I am and why I cant just suck it up and be happy.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit so there might be another post or two today, I just wanted to separate them so it would be a bit easier to read.


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