Freaking Phone!!!

AGH I WANT TO STRANGLE VERIZON! So my phone got a pressure crack somewhere and luckily for me I bought the insurance plan for the phone…after going into the store and being told that I would have to go online to fill out a claim I went home and did exactly that. Going through it i accidentally put in the wrong date. The phone claim website now will not let me go back to change the date and will not let me start a new claim. So i decided to call the company that handles the phone insurance. Soon after calling I was told by an automated voice system that there was a 2 hour wait to talk to a person, so I was like ok this stinks but thats fine i’ll just do homework. Soon after that i was then told by an automated voice that to be able to get anything done I would have to fill out an affidavit and fax it to them which the automated voice told me takes approximately 3 hours. WHAT THE FRIG!!! I put the wrong date in! ALL I WANT TO DO IS CHANGE THE DATE AND CONTINUE ON WITH THE PROCESS! How the heck does what is supposed to be a 15 minute process and one error turn into 3-5 hours of being on the phone and filling out 3 hour forms! I paid for the insurance policy which actually does cost 10$ a month SO WOULD YOU JUST GIVE ME A NEW FLIPPING PHONE!!! Gah, sorry rant over i just needed to get that out! RAGE! 

Also this pressure crack is not the only issue with this phone…I also have frequent sim card errors which results in my phone shutting off about once an hour or having a sim card error, staying on, and not telling me making me miss messages, calls and emails. Along with that now half the time text messages wont send and I can barely talk on the phone without the call being dropped because my phone is shutting off! UGH 


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