Mind Vs. Gut

Every part of your body can work in harmony, working as one fluid machine. Or your body can work in seperate parts, part of it saying one thing and the other saying another. Your body can be on the same side, working together to get things done, or it can be in battle against itself. Worst part of this battle, is that its all on the inside, and nobody can see and understand what is going on, not even yourself.

My mind and gut are just a couple of those constantly at war. My gut tells me one thing and my mind tells me another. My mind says its not my fault but my gut says it is, and makes me feel like it is, my mind may win when i’m talking to someone about it, but my gut wins the rest of the time. Corrupting my brain bit my bit. I can feel it happening and there is nothing i can do. It’s only a matter of time until my gut fully overtakes my mind and there thinking turns into one, believing the same thing, i cannot win this battle. I already believe my gut, It’s too late. 

Its all my fault, its all your fault

Save me…


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