Dealing With People

Maybe its just me but i have issues with people i guess.
There are many people in the world who i cant stand…honestly i hate people. I wish i could take everyone who I liked and bring them to an island and let the rest of the world go be assholes to themselves.


I wouldn’t say i have a ton of people who hate me but there are many people who i have fought with who i hate who i wish would just go away…I hype on what happened whenever i see those people and whenever they make fun of me or are just generally mean talking behind my back it makes me feel terrible and im practically paralyzed, i cant say anything i cant do anything i just sit there believing what there saying about me hating myself. At the same time though i get so angry at them i just want to grab them and throw them into space,


How do you guys deal with people?

Well i meant for this post to be more meaningful or something but it kind of turned into crap…Maybe I’ll write a part 2 sometime soon or extend onto it with a post tomorrow talking about other things too…not sure yet. 

Also I don’t mean to offend any of you reading this! I just have a general hatred toward people but i don’t hate you guys. 😛 


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