Interesting Day

Well today was an interesting day. Been up since 5am because strong wind gusts woke me up and being a weather nerd i was excited. By 11am the winds were gusting to 60mph or more and one especially strong gust hit which had to have been nearing 70mph and i turn around and i see a big cottonwood tree outside my window beginning to fall. I ducked under my desk as it was falling down and watched it crash into the house. I was shaking like crazy and was quite scared, at the same time i was in awe and thought it was cool because I love the weather. there is no visible damage in the room but there is a good amount of roof damage and possibly some water damage from a downpour afterwards.

Having anxiety issues like i do the only think that prevents me from having a major paranoid/fear of trees now is the fact that i thought it was cool because i like the weather.

As i type this the tree is sitting on the roof right above me, the crane is coming tomorrow to remove the tree.

Here are a couple pictures of the tree

Click for full size image, wordpress is being stupid and wont let me make them bigger

no watermark-9662


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