Ready to be done.

I am so ready to be done…can i just curl up into a ball in my bed for the next few days and just stay there.

This week has been a really long week. My friends continue to pressure me to go to the doctor to get help but i am so scared and because i feel like all my issues are all my fault i feel like i just need to suck it up on my own.

Along with that im being bullied by a few people who I thought were my friends making school extremely difficult with them around putting me down. It stirs up such anger in me one day i worry that i might just lash out.

On top of all of that my computer that i take to school died with some very important files on it. So now i am drowning in work and not having some of those files and im running on fumes with energy right now.

If i get another free moment i will probably post again with something more interesting…


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