In The Corner

So i have to write a poem modeled off a poem by Langston Hughes. This poem is about mental illness in the world…the problem continues to grow and the stigma continues…people just want to forget about it, shove it in the corner and although that may work for now it will continue to grow until it cant be ignored.


I suck at writing poems so sorry if it sucks i just thought i would post it.

In The Corner

Shoved in the corner.

Out of sight they say.

Swept into the corner of society –

Like a dust bunny being swept under a couch.


But the tides will turn

The dust bunny will continue to grow

Bigger and bigger –

Until it’s impossible to ignore

And then things will change


They’ll wish it was done long ago.

That they had thrown it in the garbage-

Instead of pushing it away


Nothing belongs in the corner.


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