Being Protective Is Worth Shit

Being protective is worth shit…I’m protective over everything…part of anxiety as im sure many of you who deal with anxiety issues

know all too well. Everything i try to protect and keep safe and all breaks. This time its my car…that has a wonderful 8″ dent in it now after some sort of incident, didn’t notice it until today.

No matter how hard a try to keep things clean. pristine, safe, and perfect but everything breaks, everything gets a scratch, everything gets dirty…the worst thing for people with anxiety….weather its the fear and paranoia of something being damaged or the anxiety and paranoia after something happens…it sucks, and it takes over your mind. It’s truly terrible! The littlest things become huge things…the worry…the nervousness…the fear….gah!

Every time i see it, anger, fear, paranoia…a whole flood of emotions…craziness

So now i can either pay hundreds of dollars to get the dent fixed or try to live with it which will make me crazy….

All i have to say is GAH! blah…
Hard to see but here’s a picture of the dent…Bad picture, maybe ill post other ones later…idk.



3 thoughts on “Being Protective Is Worth Shit

  1. i totally get this. clutter makes me anxious..and yet i do not clean it up. my prized possessions that i try so hard to take care of become a source of anxiety because they always break! i think it’s because we try so hard it’s TO hard…interesting post!

    • Yes! my desk area is so cluttered it takes me forever to find stuff but I NEVER clean it up and every time i look at it i get mad about it but i dont clean it up. I dont have enough energy to do it and i just dont…so annoying! Everything we protect breaks…feels like everything we have breaks and gah i cant stand it! so fustrating!

      • it is frustrating! i spend hours saying to i really must clean..and i don’t! i understand your annoyance! try cleaning just one thing at a time..i think i might try that. even if it takes 10 times as long at least it is progress!

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