Hey everyone…as i was freaking out about my car dent my mom said i was OCD and asked if i wanted to go see someone to talk about it and stuff and i told her I would think about….seeing someone as in a psychiatrist…

Note: not that it really matters i didn’t tell my mom about my depression issues and said maybe(if that, i forget) about anxiety issues…

Maybe i could go and figure everything out, all of my anixety issues, my depression issues, all of it. but im scared. I have see someone before for years when i was younger for anxiety issues but everything wasnt fully solved and now there back worse than ever. I have an idea of what a psychiatrist is like but I just wanted to ask all of you who see psychiatrists what it is like for you and stuff

But what if its all me…what if its all my fault…what if its nothing and i just need to suck it up and deal with it.

I mean i have an idea what its like kind of but its been a while and my fear of the unknown keeps me from wanting to go…

Sorry really disorganized post just want to ask your guys’ thoughts and opinions and own experiences….


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