Better Days, Despite Life

After a complete and exhausting breakdown at the start of the week, and a busy stressful week as a whole im feel pretty good right now. After finding the dent in my car which sent me over the edge things began to get better. I got a bit of a setback on Wednesday after my 3 week old replacement phone broke but despite those things im feeling ok. Replacement phone comes today and I have a very busy weekend starting up, Im spending my entire weekend at school after taking an SAT Saturday morning working on tech for my schools play that’s coming up. It is going to be a busy and stressful weekend so we will see if my current positive persists by the end of the weekend. 

Found this song last night and it helped highlight my good mood, its called Compass by Lady Antebellum:

Im still debating whether or not to go see a psychiatrist or not…going back and forward, back and forward.

The weather has be great and un-seattle like. Clear skies highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s with lows in the 20s making cold crisp and icy mornings which I love so that is also contributing to my good mood! 

Im hoping my good mood lasts through the weekend but im worried it wont with all the stress and things to do this weekend slowly chipping away at me. Fingers crossed…we shall see….gotta go maybe ill post again later! Hope you all are having good days!



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