Completely Sick Now

I always say that i am always partially sick (sick in my brain in case you didnt already know). Now i am physically sick too, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, no appetite. Yay its quite fun, despite feeling like crap i had to much going on today so I went to school anyways. Im completely drugged up with cold meds right now so i may make some loopy posts. I feel like complete and utter shit. Absolutely exhausted both mentally and physically. Last night when the cold was just beginning to come along my brother was giving me a very hard time making me drive him places and I snapped in front of my entire family, pissing them all off. My mom was rather pissed at me which makes me feel absolutely terrible. I am hoping she is not mad at me when i get home. I feel like i am pissing off everyone around me…which makes me feel like shit mentally. 

Sorry for the ramblings, did i mention i am super drugged up, I may make more incoherent rants/ramblings so just bear with me as i ride the ups and downs of this cold and cold meds as we travel along the road of mental illness, fasten your seatbelts it may be a bumpy ride.


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