Thursday night Stuff

I was going to write a post about how crappy im feeling but im too tired to write anything and im not exactly sure WHAT to write about…everything is just…blah.

Saw this on the web this morning…It is so true! My anxiety is a lot like this…there is other stuff too but the indecision is big.

What they don’t tell you about anxiety is that there’s this whole problem of indecision.
What they don’t tell you about anxiety is that there’s this whole problem of indecision. Anxiety brains give so many different alternatives. We have perfected the art of “what ifs.” And with this, you create all these possible choices for everything. You think (and think and think) logically through these possible outcomes looking for the “best” decision, but then you worry that that choice is not actually the best decision. And that wrong decision could do this, could do that, could ruin your life. This doubt is paralyzing enough that even minor decisions are completely exhausting.

This state is so overwhelming that you can imagine why the anxiety brain would rather not decide anything, thus leading to constant indecision.

I’m in my early 20s, fresh from college, trying to make the big life decisions that come with change- “Where do I want to live?” “What kind of job do I want?” “Do I want to go back to school?” And the anxiety surrounding these questions is so great that it keeps me in this constant state of stress. So much so that decisions like “What kind of new cell phone do I want?” and “What brand of toothpaste should I get?” become these whole time and energy drains of their own. Like no one should be spending a half-hour debating what flavor cheez-its to buy.

For me, it helps to remember that no choice is going to be perfect (there are pro-con lists for a reason). And that that’s okay. Important decisions do take some time because they are important. And most of all that things in life, including decisions, are very rarely is finite. There will always be new things, new places, new jobs, and the ability to use those opportunities for change.



9 thoughts on “Thursday night Stuff

  1. I am wide open to to what you are saying,Dealing with my wifes Anxitey Depression for 31 yrs .I am new to computer
    But I am going to start a blog. I have alot of thoughts on this awful sicknes. What I would like to share with you
    Go With Your First Choice .I know you will never be wrong.Try it. Let me know how well you do. TNT

  2. You reminded me of the Thanksgiving trip I took, packing a HUGE amount of clothes, shoes, etc. My bf’s family gave me a hard time about this and they look at me like I’m being a diva. The fact is that just choosing an outfit to wear is difficult for me and consumes so much time. I can never pick something to wear in advance, too many what if’s like you talked about. I’m the same with everything you mentioned too! No one gets it that I know and surround myself with. It was a comfort to see your post and realize someone else gets it!

      • I appreciate it! I became part of the community just a few months back and it’s been really amazing finding others to relate to. Makes you feel a little better about the world we live in, seeing how others are helping each other and supporting one another. I am grateful for the people, like yourself, that I’ve happened upon.

    • Yes, The what if’s are debilitating…constantly being unsure of everything, the worry. God I hate anxiety. Try not to worry about what they say. It’s really hard though! Best of luck. Hopefully you’re having a stress free day despite the weather!

      • So kind of you! Today has been stress free in that sense, I stayed in my pajamas and didn’t get dressed for the day. I was going to and then just decided to say to hell with it since I wasn’t leaving the house. I hardly leave the house anyways due to my anxiety issues along with chronic pain, depression that comes and goes but never seems to leave forever. I also have been diagnosed with OCD and attention deficit disorder. I’m what you call a “big mess”. Used to not be that way always but as of three years ago, everything came tumbling down and I’ve been “stuck”.

      • That sounds nice and relaxing, I’m jealous! Hey at least you have an official diagnosis…I am also a big mess but i haven’t gone to a psychologist or doctor in general to actually know what i have and try to fix it. I assume i have Depression, General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, and maybe bi polar because i get mood swings sometimes. Not sure though, i can never bring myself to go see someone for lots of reasons…i think i have mentioned some before…not sure though. Well hopefully you are slowly and steadily getting unstuck!

      • I hope to be unstuck, getting care and meds again is priority the first of the year so that will be the start. It’s hard to go see doctors, whatever type you see, but it can be empowering when you do take that leap. My advice is to be upfront about your feelings, that’s what I have done and it’s worked out much better. I’m not trying to pressure you but at some point I really hope you can work through things and find that courage to do so. Trust me, when you do, you will feel a lot better for it. Getting a “label” helps I think! Once I found out about things like the OCD, it made a big difference in things because it was like, “Okay, this makes sense why I do this, etc.” I still don’t have a diagnoses for my chronic pain, it is the most difficult thing to figure out but when I can see a doctor or doctors again, it’s something I hope to figure out. Just finding the answer is half the battle. Treatment would be next I think but again, when you find out what is going on, it’s like you have a game plan and sense of control you didn’t have before!

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