Traumatic(ish) experience and release?

Well I had an interesting night last night, Went out to dariyqueen after a show last night and one of our friends cars broke down, after trying to jump it for 20 minutes in 17 degree weather we gave up. Our friend was supposed to drive two other people home. I volunteered to take one of them home because I knew where they lived. Her driveway is an incredibly narrow long one going down to the lake and there are cement walls and stuff to prevent landslides and cordon off peoples garage’s and stuff as houses are close together. As I was turning around to get back up her driveway it was a close call by a cement wall. My front tires cleared it but my back tires didnt and i scrapped the side of the cement wall with my car. I started freaking out so i went out to check and thank god only the bottom part of my car under the back right door got scratched because that is all plastic. Some of the plastic itself broke but there are no scratches on the paint so thats good.

Butttttt as you all know I am very protective over my car and any little damage scares the shit out of me so im still freaking out about it and about half of the ride home I was screaming and freaking out. When i got home I told my mom and she told me it was fine and stuff and tried to comfort me and all. I had partially calmed down but i just kind of blurted out “Can i see someone to talk to” and she said “Sure give me times that would work for you” and that was it (it was a bit awkward.)

Right now i am completely regretting it so i guess we’ll see if i go through with it or not


3 thoughts on “Traumatic(ish) experience and release?

  1. Sorry for your car! Trust me, when I asked for help, I felt the same. It was very hard to navigate things up to the appointment but I stuck it out and the sense of relief was worth it once it was done. You can do it!

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