Sorry guys i’ve been off for a couple days.

I am so overwhelmed…I had tech for the play this weekend which meant most of my weekend I was busy…This week is the week before finals and teachers are going psycho with work. I have 3 tests 5 quizzes 3 projects and 1 essay all due by the end of the week and to top it all off guess who is sick? Typically I don’t stay home from school when i’m sick because at my school if you miss one day of school you get so far behind but i felt so terrible today, and still do. I just had to stay home. 

I have so much work today over the next 2 weeks with all this crap and just general studying for my finals and all I want to do right now is watch TV and sleep. Im procrastinating on doing work as we speak i just have no energy to do anything and while i usually have no energy to do anything most days these next couple of weeks I need to do stuff but i just cant. 

Also right now all I can think about is seeing someone to get help and thinking that it is a mistake…i dont know why i just think its a mistake. Gah back and forward I go with the yes and no’s and the what ifs and i dont even know.

So right now im here…ranting and procrastinating…feeling so overwhelmed instead of working and trying to do stuff. 


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