Foggy Tendrils

The foggy tendrils have reached up from their valley dwelling onto my hill closing in on me wherever I go. It makes me feel claustrophobic and reflects my current mental state. Fogged. Finals are this week and i have absolutely zero motivation to do anything whatsoever and i’m quite screwed to say the least.

Anyways the fog continues to just sit here making everything incredibly dreary and depressing, hey just like me! The fog keeps making me think about the road and why i keep thinking about it. The road and the thought of it is starting to scare the shit out of me…i’ll probably end up worrying about it when I’m supposed to be studying tomorrow so i’ll probably write about why it scares the shit out of me tomorrow.

Fog should leave during the day tomorrow and while it is beautiful to start it makes me feel really gross and just blech!

Sorry crappy post im tired.


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