Mind Your Own Damn Buisness!

Sorry but i am going to rant a bit….this happened earlier this week. Dont worry i have other more meaningfull posts i want to write either tonight or tomorrow.

So it was either Monday or Tuesday morning i went to go get starbucks before school in the morning. As i was ordering my typical drink (A grande triple shot iced mocha no whip if anyone was interested 😛 ) a woman behind me asked if i got that, the extra shot every day. I said yes usually. She started talking to me about how expensive it was and how much it adds up and then started talking about the fact that her daughter used to do the same thing but eventually stopped because she couldn’t afford it blah blah blah. 

I then politely responded that yes its expensive but I can afford it because i worked over the summer with kids with autism. I then said that ya its probably bad that i spend so much money at starbucks and all. She asked about the kids and stuff and said how cool it was and stuff.

She then stated how she only goes to starbucks every once in a while like that morning. What she said after that is what bugs me the most I think. “I only ask because I’m a mom”. I said ya and my drink was ready so off i went but i wanted to start yelling at her.

First of all why does being a mom mean that you have the right to ask me and tell me what I CAN and CANNOT do with my money. I dont care if your a mom or the freakin president (ok to be correct the president could make me do something with my money but you catch my drift) who gives you the authority to say jack shit when it concerns me and my money. 

Secondly why do you feel the need to go ahead and ask me about what i do and dont get and critisize me about it. I mean seriously who just randomly asks you if you usually get an extra shot every time you go get coffee then say how you get coffee too much TO A PERSON YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE!

Last but not least MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUISNESS!!!

The population as a whole seems to snoop into everyones buisness needing to know everything about everyone and critisize them about it or be jealous of them…what happened to just minding your own buisness. Everyone just snoops trys to find out every detail of everyones life and it gets on my nerves.

Is this what society is becoming…an eavesdropping, snooping population of people who feel entitled to know everything about everyone? God i hope not…Sometimes people need to just keep to themselves.

Maybe im just being weird and psycho or just fucking crazy or something…

Sorry i’ll have better posts later.


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