Breaking Point

We do our dance again

You would think I’d know the steps by now

At first I keep up

But the faster we go

The more I fall behind.

The pain increases

I know what’s to come

It’s all too familiar

I want to scream

I’ve reached my breaking point

I’m done

I know I shouldn’t

But I scream

Where no one can see

Hoping to be heard

And taken to safety

But instead

I roll down my sleeves

And hide my shame


Lame poem I know I was just thinking about it a bit and thought I would post something considering it’s been a while. I think some of you guys can relate to this. I hate it when I know that I am nearing the breaking point…it starts to swell up inside of me in the upcoming weeks. You know its coming but then it hits almost without warning…and then shit happens (you can probably guess what it is).Eh sorry its crappy

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


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