So for the last two weeks i was on vacation to the wonderful austria! I feel in love with austria and did not want to leave. I wrote a couple posts along the way that I will be posting now that i am back.


I tried writing in past tense for part of it but it was weird so i switched back.

One of the big things I would miss when I leave Seattle is the evergreen trees and the mountains…I went to Austria over winter break and having only gone to Europe when I was quite young so I didn’t remember much of it…lets be honest I don’t remember any of it. Anyways I didn’t really think much of the fact that Austria and Seattle are at the same latitude but when we landed I looked out the window and I saw evergreen trees and a smile formed on my face. If you didn’t know I love evergreen trees 

Currently I am on the train traveling through the Austrian countryside through the valleys along the sides of the steep mountains that extend into the clouds above…with the snow falling as we chug along, it is truly the quintessential image of winter in the Austrian country side. I can’t wipe the smile off of my face. I’m also listening to a song titled Great Escape at the same time that came up on my shuffle, maybe this is all a sign.
Some of the lyrics:

Some day soon, I’ll travel to find me,
And this abyss ain’t as dark as I feel.

So I’m gonna pack my things and go,
Travel the world before I’m old,
I’ll send you photos in the post,
To capture the moments I love the most.

This is my great escape,
this is my great escape .

I want to climb up mountains
Drink from natures fountains,
Who knows what I’ll do on my way.

I want to be lost in transit,
Find love in a different language,
Who knows who I’ll meet on my way.

Now I’m sure this is what I needed,
Space to roam, be completely free.

I’ve wanted to leave Seattle for quite a while but I have always struggled with the thought of leaving the trees and mountains as they have become big symbols for me. I always figured I would move east for college and head back to New England where I always feel whole and at home as corny as that sounds. But I was always saddened about leaving the trees and mountains. Though now im beginning to think maybe I am supposed to move east, but farther than I originally thought. I think im in love with Europe, Austria especially. I think I could live here the mountains, the trees, the people, the lifestyle…i could do it.

Despite writing this post I don’t think I can really put it into words…just wow I guess. I feel better here…better than Seattle at least. Even further down where the snow has changed to rain the gloom is mystical and beautiful.

Who knows maybe its just wishful thinking and a spur of the moment thing and will soon fade away…i guess well see but just wow.

Also I wrote this whole post on my phone so my thoughts may be especially jumbled.


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