Trying Not To Forget

Its interesting, for the same reasons I didn’t want to leave are now why I want to stay here. I wanted to relax and try to be worry free, which is what I am here. 
Here I am free of all the obligations and deadlines that await me in Seattle. I am free of all the baggage that sit awaiting me thousands of miles away Though through this trip new reasons have accumulated on top of the old.
How can you leave a place that makes you feel so much better.
How can i not feel a sense of dread of going back to a place that haunts me.
How can i not dread leaving a place that makes me happy, a place that i know I will likely not be returning to soon.

So now i sit here, remembering the fun of a place thousands of miles away, longing to go back already. The memories already seem to be fading, so here i am, grasping at the straws of the memories. A chuckle here and a smirk there, i never want to forget.


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