Standalone, or Side Effect?

It has taken me 5 days just to begin writing this post…I have just about no energy to do anything. (it’s taken an hour just to write this sentence)

Anyways…Along with being depressed a lot of the time i am also constantly exhausted…even if i sleep for more than 12 hours i am still exhausted when i wake up. Both of these things developed around the same time. My anxiety has been an issue since i was young so i know that is seperate but because both the depression and sleep issues developed around the same time (i think) I have always wondered if my depression is caused by sleep issues or vice versa.

It is really hard to find out which it is or if i just have both of them standing alone because a very common symptom of sleep issues is depression and a very common issue of depression is sleep issues so right now i really dont know and its quite annoying. so for now i just get to be sad an exhausted all the time…yay.


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