Its amazing how the littlest things can cause such devestation. 

It finally snowed again here which was absolutely awesome…since the last time it snowed i got a flat tire and i had to get new ones and one of my biggest concerns was about whether or not they would do good in the snow so i could go up to the mountains…well i went up to a parking lot to test them out…after sliding around a bit on the way up i was still a bit hopeful

After 5 minutes in the parking lot and almost crashing twice i came to conclusion that these tires were absolutely horrendous in the snow. While this wouldn’t be too big of a problem, especially for those who live in seattle, its a huge problem for me. As you guys may know I love to go up the forest roads and in the winter those are very very snowy…The forest roads are my escape…if i cant go up the forest roads my escape is gone…I don’t know what im going to do…


3 thoughts on “Devestation

    • Actually ours in seattle aren’t too bad. Lots of rain and clouds but little snow. Our temperature stays around 40-50F, 10-4C in the daytime and 45-35F, 7-2C at night. Just really sucks that now i cant go escape when I need to…i dont know what im going to do. I personally love the snow and cold though.

      • (Please take this in the light-hearted manner it’s intended …) I know what you’re doing to do: you’re doing to put one foot after another, and then just keep on doing it, because that’s what we do – just keep going!

        I know what you mean about loving snow and cold. I grew up in a quite cold part of Australia – we used to get snow in winter, though not for skiing on, just enough to make a nuisance of itself 🙂 I used to really love the cold. Then about seven years ago, I suddenly stopped loving it – don’t know why – getting older?

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