In Limbo

Im in complete limbo and my decision making is worse than ever….My mom went on a trip this weekend and before she left she told me “Oh ya i have the name of the person we talked about” and by the person she meant a shrink. She got back last night and so far there is no mention of it…I hope she isn’t reminded by her going to her shrink this week. Along with this I got a fortune cookie the other day that said I would make an important decision that i have been thinking about for a while (or something like that).

People have told me that i should go see someone and get help and all that stuff but i cant…There would be nothing to talk about and i just dont think it would be helpful…i mean i have my good days and stuff…its not that bad. Blah, i dont know im just not ready yet .

Sorry for my disorganized and random ramblings of the night, i was hoping it would be more organized but i guess not tonight.


8 thoughts on “In Limbo

      • Sounds very confusing. Still, I do trust you to make the right decision for you, with as much input from others as you deem necessary. Sending supportive energy your way. (Actually, to be honest, I don’t think that works – but perhaps it’s the thought that counts?)

  1. I feel the same way but have been coerced into going. I will give it a go and hope eventually you go too or better yet, find that you don’t need to go after all! 🙂

    • Best of luck, I hope it goes well for you! People say that I should go and that I need to go but i really don’t feel that way, I feel like i don’t need to go in the beginning so why go at all? They say that my problems are bad but i don’t really think so because i have my good days and stuff so it makes me question if i should go or not and if its bad or not. So confusing!

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