Ski Crash = New Fear

I was skiing up at one of the local mountains on Wednesday after they recieved over 7ft of new snow, it was an amazing day skiing through literally chest deep powder, but anyway at the end of the day I crashed and it was a pretty bad crash. Luickly both of my ski’s ejected and I soon lost my poles as i slid and flipped and tumbled about 40ft or so . Wouldn’t suprise me if i had a concussion but my headache finally went away about midday today but my entire body still aches…it sucked.

Anway while i was laying in the snow after the crash I started thinking about what would have happened if i had been knocked out or actually really hurt myself. I would be rushed to the hospital and they would start working and they would put an IV in my arm…if they put an IV in my arm they would have to roll up my sleeves, what if they chose the right arm and saw the scars, what if my parents came and they saw the scars, I wouldn’t be able to explain to them what they are, I wouldn’t be able to hide them.

I dont know what I would do if my parents or family found out.

So now i am quite scared of something happening in which I lose control and people find out…people who I don’t want to find out. ugh its so stupid! 


6 thoughts on “Ski Crash = New Fear

  1. I don’t mean to give unwanted advice, but your parents need to find out. That’s how you get antidepressants and counseling. trust me.

      • That happened to me. And honestly they still haven’t reacted properly. But I’m on meds now and getting help. I think you really need to ask yourself if you want to get better. Because I know you’re not okay. I can tell. So I think that it would be good for you to think about at least telling your doc even if you hide it from your parents. Sometimes we need help to get out of our heads. And I know I’m trying to force you and all, it’s just that I’ve been there. I tried to kill myself. I know exactly how you feel. Exactly. And I’m invested. I know a bit about you and I want you to feel better. Just think about it okay man? Think about telling someone who can really help out

      • Thank you for your advice. Yes I do want to get better but if i tell my doctor and try to get help my parents would have to find out. I’ve thought about it, things would only get worse.

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