The Secrets of Emotions: Loneliness

One of the paradigms of loneliness is that you have to be void of people around you. People believe the requirement of being lonely is having no one around you. People assume that if you have people close to you then your not lonely. It’s a common yet blatently false misconception.

Sometimes people sorrounded by others are still lonely, feeling empty, missing something. The problem is they dont know what exactly is missing. There often left wandering and wondering.

Personally, I feel incredibly lonely and I dont know why…

I feel guilty for feeling lonely, I hate it, I have amazing friends and an amazing family but I feel lonely. It makes me think that I don’t deserve my friends and family, my mind makes me try to push them away because I dont deserve them…It works for a week or two, but then I cant…It’s so stupid.

Sometimes the lonelinest person in the room is the one sorrounded by people.


2 thoughts on “The Secrets of Emotions: Loneliness

  1. So true … a group of us were talking about this, just today. We were playing around with the idea of stating how we felt and what we wanted/needed. Don’t know that I’d have the guts to do that! Hope you find connection soon. You do deserve friends. We all do.

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