Im not sure if I have written about this before but its something that I keep being reminded about/ being told so I think about it a lot.
So most of you probably don’t know I was born in SW Connecticut about an hourish outside NYC (When theres no traffic 😛 ) . Now I live on the opposite side of the country in Seattle. Now I know I have talked about my dislike of the Seattle area on here before and don’t get me wrong there are things I love here…I love the trees and the mountains. Along with that there are some amazingly wonderful people I have meet here that I cant imagine life without. Besides that everything else pretty much sucks, It’s rainy and gloomy 9-10 months out of the year, I hate the people here, they all walk slow as fuck and get in your way…and dont even get me started on there driving (If you want to drive in seattle take the speed limit and -5 to 10mph, then travel in packs on multi lane roads and block anyone behind you that wants to go faster and you’ll fit right in…oh and it is a sin to use your horn). 
Ok, ranting aside otherwise we’ll be here forever. Even though there are some things and people I love in Seattle I always feel like something is missing when I am here, I feel out of place and I dont feel quite complete as corny as it sounds. Whenever I am back on the east coast which is usually a few times a year due to all my family still being out here (We were the first ones in my family to ever move west of the Mississippi I just feel better…I feel whole, hell I feel happy more of the time, sure i’ll have my bad days when i’m out there but they are much less frequent than they are here. 
When I’m out there I just feel like I belong there, my family is there, my ancestors lived there, I can drive past the street my parents grew up on, I can drive by the church I was baptized in, walk past our old yacht club, drive past the home my parents built together, even just driving down the merritt I feel like I belong…everything is there and you know i just feel complete there, I feel like I belong. 
Some people get mad at me when I mention the east coast and first of all say the east coast sucks but then also say things like “You’ve lived in seattle most of your life stop talking about the east coast” and when I say that my hometown is my hometown they say “No Seattle is your hometown, you have lived here most of your life”. It’s so annoying because no, my hometown isn’t Seattle its back east because that is where my home is, that is where i feel better, that is where I belong. I guess they just dont/wont understand. Sure you guy’s may feel at home here, maybe its because you’ve lived here your entire lives and haven’t even gone east of the rockies? Even people that have lived in other places say that to me and you would think they would feel the same way…well to each there own, maybe you feel at home in Seattle but I don’t. 
I belong back home out on the east coast, not in Seattle. 
The church I was baptized in (just a pic for fun.) :

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