As of late I have been feeling less sad and hopeless so I am going to try to start trying. Ever since last year I have just pretty much given up on everything…not caring about things and not trying, I had given up on literally everything. I still haven’t really started caring about things but I am not feeling quite as bad and i’m starting to want to do some things, so hey…at least its a start.

Finally for the first time in over year I finally want to go for a bike ride, I pushed myself to do it a few times over the summer but it wasn’t the same.

Sadly I am still feeling just as lethargic that makes me not want to do anything except sit and do nothing. So going on a bike ride may not happen/be difficult…especially with all the work I have to do. Hey its a step…I want to go for a bike ride.

Maybe there’s hope, maybe it was just a phase..maybe.


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