Burnt Out Zombie

*Trigger Warning*
Yesterday was a BAD day…Everything just seemed to go wrong, school wise I failed a math quiz, got the worst overall grades I have gotten in my entire life. On top of that I was just completely burnt out from school and life as a whole. I’m not sure what instigated it but I also had one of those days where I just felt like everyone hated me and that I shouldn’t be around.

I didn’t feel like talking, so I didnt, I hid as well as a could from people and my appetite went away. Yesterday I had a chocolate milk in the morning and then I ate 5 bites of my dinner and that was it, I didn’t want to do anything except for mope around and…cut.

I wanted to cut from the start of my hand to my elbow, so that I couldn’t even count how many lines there were. I usually dont want to do it that much. I wanted to scream, cry, laugh at the idiocy of everything, laugh at my own insanity. But I could do none of it, instead, I just sat there with a blank expression, unable to do anything, a zombie.

The only thing that stopped me was the fact that my tutor was coming after school, Usually she doesnt come on thursdays but today she was to help me with an essay. Yet, the only reason im glad I didnt is because I might be in a place too warm to wear long sleeves.

Im going to explode soon, I have no release.


One thought on “Burnt Out Zombie

  1. I feel like this…..you’ve put it all into words.
    Especially on wanting to cut. And it doesn’t happen. Which is strange. Last night I tried pulling it over but it … It’s so strange. I just stopped.

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