Quartlet of Radiance? What?

So as I mentioned in my last post I got nominated for an award that is actually four awards in one. It’s called the Quartlet of Radiance award and I was nominated by http://fishingf0rdreams.wordpress.com/ . He is a great writer so you should all check him out! It was interesting timing because I was thinking about how im not a very good writer, I have never had good grades in english and I sometimes cant formulate my thoughts in writing very well. Although my original purpose for blogging was to help get my thoughts out, it has also improved my writing a little bit. Even though I may not be an amazing writer I love writing and I hope to start writing short stories sometime soon. Anyways here it is:

1. The Influential Blogger Award

20140328-083506 pm.jpg

2. The Awesome Blog Content Award

20140328-083611 pm.jpg

3. The Inner Peace Award

20140328-083639 pm.jpg

4. The Sunshine Award

20140328-083709 pm.jpg


The Rules

  1. Thank the person/s who nominated you.
  2. Nominate other people.
  3. Describe yourself with the alphabet.
  4. Notify your nominees.
  5. Have a fabulous day!

Me, with the alphabet

A for Anxiety- I have had anxiety for around 7ish years now and I got a bit of help for it when I was younger but it didn’t help a ton. Anxiety sucks ass…

B for Blog- My blog is the place where I let my thoughts run free.

C for Complaining- My parents told me never to complain but I still do, when I do i am always worried people think im selfish and I dont want to be a complainer…yet I complain

D for Depression- In the past few years I have become very depressed…I haven’t seen a doctor or anything about it. I dont want to find out that it is actually nothing and I just need to suck it up and be happy.

E for Evergreens- I’m not from the Pacific Northwest, although I have spent most of my life here. I love the evergreen trees, they tower above you and are each unique, they are sleeping giants, gentle yet dangerous.

F for Family- My family means the world to me, and although we yell, and fight, they have shaped who I am and I dont know what I would do without them.

G for Gazebo- I love Gazebos…I want one

H for Hammock- I also love hamocks. When I was younger my friend who lived a couple houses down had a hammock and we would spend hours on it in the summer, talking, eating popsicles, staring at the sky, playing, and relaxing. My dream yard has a hammock strung between two weeping willow trees

I for Intact- I like to think that I am completely intact, and although I appear that way, I am far far from it.

J for Juneau- Juneau is one of my dogs and I love her to peices. She is so weird in a good way

K for Kids- I love kids. In the summer I work with kids with autism which is one of my favorite things to do. I have been working with kids with autism for a very long time and have been a typical peer with kids with autism since I was six. I wish I could do 2 A’s because autism is a huge part of my life as I grew up with a brother with autism.

L for Lethargic- I am constantly lethargic and tired. No matter how much or how little sleep I get I am always exhausted and I dont know why. I cant remember the last time I wasn’t tired.

M for Mountains- Another part of the Pacific Northwest I love. The mountains are breathtaking and just amazing, I love them so much. I love going up the forest roads or hiking and just knowing that there is no one for miles around, just me and the nature.

N for Nuisance- I constantly feel as if I am a nuisance to everyone around me. I hate myself for it

O for Outgoing- I hide my true feelings deep inside me most of the time, some days it does surface but usually I am able to keep up the facade of being an outgoing and happy person. Most people describe me as an outgoing and happy person so it works.

P for People Pleaser- In the year and a half I was seeing a shrink for my anxiety issues when I was young she said that I was a people pleaser which I think is pretty true, I hate letting people down and I hate having people worry about me. I like helping people and making them feel good.

Q for Quiet- Sometimes I like when its quiet, it gives me a break, but sometiems I hate it because I can hear my thoughts. When it’s quiet there is nothing that can stop my brain from racing

R for Romantic- I am a loveless romantic. My favorite movie is the notebook and I like romance and I think i am a pretty romantic person, but alas im single, still waiting for my first kiss. 😛

S for Selfish- A big fear of mine is being selfish, I constantly believe that I am being selfish and everyone hates me…I’m incredibly self concious.

T for Tilly- My other dog, my old lady, my big kahuna. She turned 10 a month ago and I also love her to pieces. Both of my dogs are some of my best friends, who I laugh with, cry with, scream with, and cuddle with.

U for Unsure- I am unsure about everything and incredibly indecisive

V for Venting- I like to vent sometimes. I’m kind of a bitter and angry person so I have a lot to vent about.

W for Weather- I love weather and hope to become a meteorologist.

X for xie xie (谢谢)- cheated on this one a big, xie xie means thank you in chinese (Im currently learning chinese). I would like to thank you all for reading and following.

Y for Yummy- For some reason I say yummy a lot…

Z for Zippers- One of my best friend told me there are two kinds of zippers. One zipper locks so that it can only be moved up and down when holding the handle instead of just being pushed while another one can just be pushed. yay fun facts!

**Some letters I had no words for while other letters I had so many words for…this was tough**

People I nominate: 

http://dysthymiabree.com/ (I know you have already done a mental health alphabet so this may be boring for you but you deserve the award)


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