A Conversation With Depression

In my English class this week we are working on short stories using a thing called Magical Realism. If you don’t know what magical realism is it is pretty much having something out of the ordinary or magical in a story that seems like a normal occurence to all the characters in the story yet would be odd for us humans. 

Anyway one of the kids in my class is writing his short story about a guy talking to depression and anxiety. I was taken aback by this because usually I only hear about the dreaded subject of depression and anxiety online, certainly not in person from someone who I know. This kid came to our school this year and doesn’t really talk to anyone and could be considered slightly emo so it wouldn’t really suprise me if he actually had depression and anxiety. I had never thought about it though because he seems fine besides being quiet and not having a lot of friends. Wow that’s kind of stereotypical of me.

After he had explained his story I started thinking. What would it be like to have a conversation with depression and anxiety? I don’t want to steal his idea but im just gonna write a little bit of what I think the conversation would be like.
“Lovely weather today right anxiety?”

“what if the sky all of a sudden broke apart and rained down”

I guess that would be scary”

“Let’s go hang out with my friend, anxiety!”

“Why? they all hate you, your mean and weird and awkward, they pity you? Anyway you look stupid”

“oh, ok…How about we go to the grocery store?”

“What if you there is a fire and you get trapped”

Ya possibly, well i’ve really been wanting to see that new movie that just came out”

“what if there is an earthquake and you get trapped under the screen and suffocate” 

“Well i guess I should probably get home and pack for my trip”

What if somebody puts a bomb on the plane or turbulance knocks the plane out of the sky and you die”

“Well, I guess I could just sit at home and watch TV.

Ok, sounds good”

A conversation with Depression:

“Hey depression, how are you?”

“meh. Hey look, you’re all alone”

“ya…well I’m going to do some homework”

What’s the point, it’s all hopeless”

look at how gray and empty and plain everything its”


I probably wont be able to read the story but it would be interesting to see what he writes. I didn’t really portray depression very well because there isn’t much to say about it I guess…people who deal with it know how it feels, its hard to describe.




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