Sometimes I get really angry at things that I shouldn’t get so angry at. Bear with me I need to vent.

Ok tomorrow is senior skip day (i’m a junior by the way) which isn’t a big deal, the seniors arent there for a day and thats that and its no big deal. Well on days near the end of the year when seniors are gone, juniors get to “park up” in the senior lot instead of the junior lot that is at the bottom of the hill away from campus. When last year’s juniors did it the seniors painted on peoples cars during senior skip day to assert dominance or whatever. Now its become a tradition I guess because this years seniors are going to be doing it again, whether you park up or not. So pretty much wherever I park my car will likely get painted on. Most likely, knowing teenage kids, they will paint profanities like dicks and swear words. 

If you have been following me for a while you probably know that i am INCREDIBLY and way over protective of my car, its my baby. Whenever something happens to it I kind of have a full on break down. Well I don’t want anything to happen to my car tomorrow. I dont care if its car paint that there painting with, I don’t care if its just a prank. It’s mean, there is still a chance you can damage the car, and its technically vandalisim and illegal. Sadly I have to drive to school tomorrow so I can’t avoid it. I am going to be bringing a baseball bat and probably some regular paint, maybe some other stuff in case my car gets painted on or damaged…If they don’t damage stuff I will probably just get revenge in a simple way that doesnt harm anything. If they damage my car, whether they get the paint on the actual side of my car instead of just windows, or they dent my car somehow by leaning on it, I will be bringing a baseball bat just in case. Damage my car, damage your car, simple as that. I will probably mount my new Sony Action Cam in the middle of my car and do a timelapse that will hopefully last the entire day so if they do damage my car I can catch them in the act and know who they are. 

Ugh fuck them!


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