So the car vandalism happened…yay…not. I kind of came to terms with it and just said well fuck i’ll have to waste my time and wash it off. Welp, they not only drew but the also seran wrapped the cars…yay.
So the seran wrap pissed me off because I had literally no time today, I was doing homework in every second of my free time during school and I had to race to an appointment after school that I knew i would already be late to because I had to take a quiz. So with the seran wrapping and painting along with having to do homework in every spare second and running on about 2 hours of sleep, it was a rather shitty day. Every one else thought it was funny and stuff, but I didn’t because they were vandalising cars and writing dicks and profanities on cars, but noooo, i’m the sore loser, im the debbie downer, im the one who needs to “chill out”, i’m the one who is “taking it to seriously”.

Oh but wait it gets better.
Then I read the messages on my car, some of them were fine like 14, stay classy, and I wish i were a senior.


Then there was this one which was meh, better than dicks.
But then there was this one which kicked me in the gut, stabbed me with a big knife, twisted it around, and pour alcohol into it, then twisted some more and threw me against a cold alley wall.
Clairification: Not the heart you little bro, the “Look, a dent!”. For most people this would be fine but as most of you probably know from previous posts, I have two dents on my car, one decent sized dent, one a door ding. While this wouldn’t be much of an issue for most people it drives me crazy, I want my car and my things to be in perfect prime shiny condition, so the dents drive me crazy and make me so angry. Well only my friends know that it drives me crazy.

There is no dent where the arrow points…They were/are making fun of me. A low and very very very painful blow. They may/probably meant it just a joke but its not a joke in my opinion, it hurt.

*After 45 minutes of washing I got all the paint of except for a little dot that is somehow stuck in the window well (you know where the window goes in when you roll it down) that I can’t get out and the seran wrap loosened a peice on my grill.*

Today has been a very shitty day…hell its been a very shitty 6 months and I am so done. I contemplated suicide again and was more serious about it than I ever have been which scares me, I am still contemplating a bit. I’ll probably settle by fulfilling the craving cut my entire arm up like the fucked up paranoid peson I am. I need to scream for hours on end.



2 thoughts on “But NOOOOOOO…

  1. This is…excuse me for asking, but is this a common thing??? My God..I really am shocked, and AWW, I’m sorry about your car. 😦
    I don’t see why this happens. Like, it’s not even funny. 😦

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