Face Fears?

Public Speaking, a big fear of mine…Should I face it?

The school service coordinator, a teacher who i have worked with a lot on school productions has asked me to speak at out schools Upper School Service Day Assembly. It would be a 2-4 minute speech in front of the entire upper school (about 250 students) talking about my experience volunteering and working with kids with autism.

I want to do it, I have always wanted to be a good public speaker, but even just thinking about it makes my heart speed up and butterflies form in my stomach. I always get panic attacks before public speaking and I start shaking and my heart feels like its going to burst out of my chest, whether it be in front of 25 people or 250.

What do you guys think, should I do it and try and face my fears and possibly make a total embarasment of myself, or should I not do it, be safe,  not have to worry about it, and not have anxiety for weeks before it? I need advice, i’m so indecisive!


One thought on “Face Fears?

  1. Of course, please only do what YOU feel most comfortable doing. If you think it’ll be good for you, then why not try it? It sounds interesting, and it kind of reminded me of what happened to me just yesterday. I took an assembly (to my section in school) in my own, and it was almost that many people too! I was worried before it but when i got into it, it was just wonderful!
    But never forget, only if you’re comfortable. Maybe time is right. Maybe it isn’t. 🙂
    Hope whatever the decision is, it’ll make you happy 🙂

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