Until It’s Good Enough

I came to the realization tonight that I seem to just do things till its good enough…not until its actually fixed…maybe its because I dont want to put the effort in…I dont know. A few examples I can think of off the top of my head: 

Orthodontist: Like pretty much every single teenager I had braces for like a year and a half. I got retainers once the braces came off and I was supposed to go to an appointment in June to get them readjusted…well I never went…and I never wear them, so they dont fit anymore. I figured it was good enough and that was that. In my defense the orthodontist sucked, he would break my brackets and all the time and had the dumbest hours.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction: So when I was in like 7th or 8th grade I was diagnosed with VCD or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Here’s the wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal_cord_dysfunction . Anyway so to treat it you have to do a mix of physical therapy and medication. I did both. I stopped taking the medication after like 2 weeks due to a mix of forgetting to take the meds in the morning and not thinking they were helping. I was stuck continuing the physical therapy for a while though but after about 6 to 8 months we just kind of stopped going even though I wasn’t technically “finished”.

Asthma: I also have Asthma and I was supposed to use an inhailer every morning and then hav ean emergency one but just having the emergency one seemed good enough. I’m supposed to get new ones every once in a while and supposed to go to the doctor and get it checked but I dont. Now they are all expired, have been for years, it was all fine until Friday when I was playing soccer with friends and had an asthma attack and didn’t have my inhaler or anything. 

School Work: Then there is school work…I never want to try hard and I have begun to miss more and more homework assignments because I figure its just good enough I guess.

Therapy: So I used to go to therapy from 4th to like 6th or 7th grade because my anxiety issues got really bad and my anxiety started getting better and better. Eventually though my physciatrist ended up moving to california and she was going to set me up with a new person but we didn’t. My anxiety issues werent gone, they had just gotten temporarily better so i figured eh its fine even though it wasn’t completely gone/better that it was good enough.

I dont know this may be dumb im not sure…I just feel like I don’t like to do things all the way, i just do as little as i have to in order get by…maybe im just lazy


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