I feel high

I feel high…and its fantastic…but I’m not actually high. 

Nothing can get me down right now. I have 4 tests (one of which is a final exam) 2 quizzes and one project on top of normal homework this week. In addition I have the SAT on Saturday. (For my international friends that is the test that colleges look at as your applying). This week is probably going to be the most difficult week school wise I have dealt with so far this year. I have so much work to do and I am so overwhelmed, yet I feel very happy and floaty. If only it would last.

This high feeling has only happened a few times before but and usually i go back into depression soon afterwards. They aren’t extreme or anything so I have never really considered myself bi polar or anything and I dont think I am…I mean I do have mood swings sometimes usually its from sad and empty to angry and the high happy feeling only happens rarely…am I bi polar?

I know I will probably dive into more depression, anger, and hate by tomorrow night but for now I am going to enjoy this high feeling.



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