The Lighthouse (Part 1)

Ok so here is part 1 of my magical realism short story for my english class. If I had more time to work on this and wasn’t as busy it would have probably been better. I wasn’t able to develop the characters very much. I wish there was no page limit for it, it was supposed to be less than 3 pages and mine was 5…oops. Hopefully I’ll start working on another story in my free time soon…

Also some constructive critisism is totally fine! 🙂

The bright yellow gate greeted us to the start of our journey. Although instead of welcoming us, it demanded that we turn around. It remained adamant with its demand as we grabbed our bags from the back of the truck. Its tone changed as we hopped over the cold and foreboding metal. Now, it warned us of the dangers that we already knew; it warned us of the mountain and its power, it swore that we would never return like all the others who had previously attempted the same feat. Once we turned the corner, out of sight of the menacing gate, a silence washed over us, we had finally begun our journey.

            Before we had reached the gate, Jessica, Alex, Henry, and I had all heard the stories. Growing up in the shadow The Lighthouse we had learned about the power that it held from a young age. We’d seen stories in the newspaper of hikers who had disappeared trying to summit The Lighthouse in pursuit for the ultimate power it was said to hold. We knew he would conjure storms to prevent hikers from reaching the top. The hikers would always come from out of town after having read about the legend in a book or on a computer, naive to what it was capable of. The locals would try to warn them of the dangers, but they always continued on. Most perished while attempting to reach the top, someone would make their way back down, unable to make it to the top, but those were few and far between.

            Jessica, Alex, Henry, and I had been hanging out with each other practically since birth. Growing up in a small village all the kid’s around the same age group became best friends. You had no chance to become friends with anyone else because there was no one else around for thirty miles. Jessica was the oldest followed by Henry. Then there was me between Henry and Alex, Alex had just turned 18 a few weeks before Christmas. The only other kids besides us were between ages 8 and 12 so even if we didn’t like each other we were stuck, but luckily we are one big happy family.

            No one from town had ever thought about getting close to The Lighthouse-all the locals steered clear, that is, until us. We wouldn’t have attempted it if it weren’t for that stupid game of truth or dare we played that one cold winter night. Henry was the one who created the dare that changed everything. Reluctantly we agreed to attempt it. We decided we would wait for the summer, when it’s warmer and the days are longer. Months had passed and we had long forgotten the dare until Henry brought it up again in June. We had all secretly hoped he had forgotten about it. With nothing better to do in our small town we agreed to do it, as long as he came with us. He agreed and so the plans begun, for what could quite possibly end in death.



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