Journal App

Today i learned about a journal app for windows 8 that gives you prompts on what to write about, it’s pretty cool…I may post some of them here. Ironically the first one I got was “When was the last time you felt unwell”. This one was rather short.

What’s funny is that I am always unwell, whether it be anxiety and paranoia about various things, my stupid obsessions, or feeling incredibly empty and lonely. I am always unwell. It’s annoying but my concern that it is all in my head outweighs actually going and figuring it all out, there are too many uncertainties to actually do something about it. It would be nice to be better. I especially wish I wasn’t so damn tired all the time… I cannot remember the last time in which I wasn’t exhausted or at least moderately tired. I am so tired right now. Ugh.


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