The Lighthouse (Part 3)

Henry and I continued upwards to pursue the power held at the top of the mountain. As we rose the temperature dropped and out view became shrouded by clouds. Before we knew it a blizzard began to rage around us as we approached the top. The mountain tried to shake us off by blowing us off the mountain. He grumbled when he could not blow us off and decided to instead try to stop us by freezing us, but being locals we were not only used to the cold but we knew exactly what to do if we were caught out in the cold. We continued upwards on the trail until we found a cave and quickly dove into it; an oasis in the storm. We knew that he wouldn’t allow the storm to falter, we knew we had to continue on.

We decided to rest for a few hours and regain our strength, and then continue on. We would get as far as we could in a couple of hours and then again ducked into another cave, slowly hop-scotching from cave to cave in the storm. He grumbled again, shaking rocks down from the ceiling of the cave in a futile attempt to bury us alive.

Dumbfounded by our wits the mountain seemed to give up, the storm subsided and the skies began to clear. As we emerged from our cave we discovered that we were almost to the top of the mountain, it was within reach. We cheered and cheered as we continued up the trail, singing songs and laughing as we accented. Night had passed when we were in one of the caves and the sun continued to rise above the eastern sky.

We turned a corner and the top was right in front of us, the crater dipped down below us. Magma bubbled up in the middle of the crater. It was completely silent. We sat on the edge for a while, reveling in the silence, and trying to figure out what exactly to do to be bestowed with the power that was supposed to be at the top. We walked around the crater searching for something, anything, but there was nothing around. Eventually we admitted defeat, discovering that there was nothing there, and began to go down the other side, defeated.

“Are you kidding me, there’s nothing?” Henry yelled, breaking the silence.
“All this work for nothing!”
“Hey, at least we were the first ones who climbed the mountain and survived,” I said, trying to look on the up side.


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