Do I just have really bad luck with cars?

Do i? I mean seriously…I feel like something bad constantly happens to my car. Ugh why am I so OCD about my car, it is going to drive me crazy! I discovered that I have about 4 lovely noticable scratches on the passenger side of my car…great…just great…So now I am probably going to end up dropping 100$ at a body shop in order to get it fixed…ugh just great! does this much shit happen to other peoples cars? None that I have met, None of my friends get scratches and door dings on there car like I do. Granted some of them have gotten into car accidents which is worse. But still, do people?!?!

Can someone make it all better?

It’s weird…I am incredibly OCD about some things like my car but then not at all with other things…

(Sorry a pretty boring post.)


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