Still too nice

Oh, I’m sorry
that I wasn’t good enough
that everything that happened
was all my fault

Excuse me
for trying to help
for caring about you
and your sanity

Thanks a lot
for all you’ve done
because all you did
was bring me down with you

I hope you know
that I cared for you
that I took the blame for you
to make you feel better

And it killed me inside.
So you left me alone
to pick up the pieces
of what you did

You didn’t even care
that I already had
problems of my own
you selfish bitch

And yet somehow
I still let you control me
walk all over me
then throw me away

You should be ashamed
Of what you have done
I want to scream it to your face
but I’m still too nice.

Pooky Poetry Prompt Day 42 | Reprimand 


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