Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been writing a lot lately, I have some things I need to write but I have been so busy, soon hopefully! For now here is last nights sunset from my area.


19 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Pretty as ever! 😀
    GOD and here (England) the sky is…ooh well it’s about ten to five in the morning and it’s a pastel blue.


        Call me stupid, but I thought at this time of year, it was always sunny (’s always raining here, but recently it’s been pretty decent)

      • Haha ya, its pretty much always sunny everywhere in the country in the summer EXCEPT for my area…my area pretty much has a climate simillar to england except we usually get some snow each winter and it gets warmer in the summer highs around 75F (24C) once it finally gets sunny. I usually get more snow in the winter though cause I live up in the hills…still not a lot.

      • Awww heheehehe!! Well, Brits are famed for moaning about the weather; if you do so too, JOIN DA CLUB! 😀

        (And seattleites = such an interesting word!) 🙂

      • And according to the oatmeal article apparently we experience the same thing so imagine Seattle as the UK, except we have big mountains. 😛 Ya it is interesting…It’s what people in the area call themselves. 😛

      • Well, Mr Seattleite (sorry that word is just so….weird! In a good way, don’t sorry. But I did just say it aloud, and go all “hmm?.!”)!
        UK=Seattle. Can’t wait to tell my geography teacher!! 😛

      • Haha, Make sure you say its just simillar climate wise, A bit different geography wise 😛 . It is weird to say out loud, you get used to it though living here.

      • Heh! 🙂
        Here I’m just..hmm. I’m not an Englishman (im a girl) but then a Brit sounds like a group.

        Meh. I’m a crumpet.

      • Englishwoman? Englishperson? Englishhuman? Those dont really work as well… 😛 Brit sounds fine to me 😛 What even is a crumpet? I am so uneducated, is it like a scone? Haha the only places in europe I have been to is Austria and Germany!

      • Englishhuman…that one CRACKED ME UP!!! XD
        Brit, OK we can go with that!
        Germany and Austria! WOW! They sound like such lovely, dreamy places! 🙂

        Ok first things first. Let me test you. *cackles*
        Do you say scone as in “sc-on” or scone as in “sc-own”
        (There is much debate on “proper” pronunciation)

        And YES!! It’s cool to not know what they are – some bloggers have associated me with crumpets because I’m British. So this was interesting!

        I must say, though. I eat pancakes more often than crumpets. Crumpets can be quite a mouthful – one is plenty!

      • They were amazing! Long flight though, 10 hours from Seattle to Germany but it was SO worth it. I say Sc-own. I didnt realize there was a debate going on, I have only ever heard them as sc-own. Ahh I see and wow those things look GOOD!!!!

      • 10 hours – OOF! But as long as it was worth it. 🙂
        Hmm..I don’t personally think there’s a set way – but I do say “scon.” Eh, scone does sound good too.

        Hehehehe!!! 😀
        *sends virtual crumpets*

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