I’m in a very impulsive mood…blah.
I bought a website today, then canceled it…i don’t really know why. I wanted to make a photography website and then I couldn’t do one thing that I wanted to do and I canceled it.

I also really want a new computer. I have a Surface Pro 1 but it is beginning to get really slow and I am kinda sick of the keyboard and the whole tablet thing, I kinda want a good, sturdy, powerful laptop again…There is one that I really want and I could get it, but it would blow through a little more than half of my savings. I’m working this summer though so I will be making money…not as much as last summer sadly but i should make almost as much money as the laptop costs and I want to get it really badly and i’m pretty close to buying it right now. Originally I was going to see how much money I made over the summer then decide whether or not to get a new computer but like I said, I’m in a really impulsive mood.

Every once in a while I get into these moods…usually they aren’t that big of a deal but they are annoying.


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