Haha, people dont know, none of them know whats going on. They dont know the secret that i have been hiding…it makes me happy to think that I have hidden this for so long. There are times when I imagine what would happen if I just told everybody I knew. How would they treat me? What would they think? How would they judge me? Would they outcast me? Some days I want to scream it to the heavens.





I can do this, I can keep this up. I can keep hiding because I have already fought to hide it for so long. I can do this.


4 thoughts on “Haha

  1. Dude; remember, hiding can get hideously exhausting. I’m tired out.
    Close friends will care about you. They ought to. But you know just as much as I do how difficult it is.
    I restricted myself to two people. I then let one other person in. Everyday I wish I never opened up, but even just knowing that you’re not feeling all that okay, means that you can in a way relax around them, because if you have a bad they, they won’t be as…I don’t know, shocked as they might be, if they didn’t know.
    Personally, I haven’t told any of them why I’m depressed though. And I don’t want to right now. I’m a private person, so..But a little bit of knowledge on me, they have.
    And if ever you need to talk, I’ll listen.

    • Yeah, hiding is exhausting..but im always exhausted so it doesnt matter very much. I have a few friends who know so its not like i’m constantly hiding all the time. And it is nice to have some friends who know because I dont have to hide all the time and they do care, but I’m not gonna tell everyone because they wouldnt understand.

      Thanks Z. You too, if you every need to talk, I’ll listen.

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