The Beginning of a Dialogue

In the wake of Robin Williams suicide there has been an out pouring of information about depression and suicide in the media and on social media websites which have been filled with suicide hotlines and articles about depression, along with words of support for those suffering. 

I have seen this post on quite a few of my friends walls on facebook.

Some articles I have seen about depression and Robin Williams struggle with depression. (Sorry for some reason I have been sharing quite a few buzzfeed articles recently.)

Will this be the death that creates a dialogue, or will this just be another death with hear about in the news? I think that a long lasting dialogue about mental health could be started after Robin Williams death because his suicide is different than others in the past, the difference is that Robin Williams was a comedian. Everyone thought that he was happy, because that is all we saw of him, we didn’t see him every day when he was battling depression, we only saw the face he put on for the cameras.

My question for you guys out there, both those suffering with mental illness and those without. How has the death of Robin Williams affected you and what do you think, could this be a turning point for the mental illness community?

Side note: I know there has been a lot of talk in the mental health world over the last couple of days about Robin Williams but I just wanted to write a little bit about it. 

Side note #2: Reading this again it isn’t nearly as good as I was planning it to be, sorry. 😦


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