Panic attacks while driving are not fun…

Anxiety is a pain in the ass but luckily I dont get panic attacks frequently and instead just get general anxiety, but the other night I had a panic attack while driving and it sucked. I was driving my dad to the airport but we had to drop off the rental car off first. For those who dont know if i told you guys but because my sister came home for the summer to work and i was working too, we needed another car, so my dad rented a car for the summer. Anyway we got the rental car in a kind of sketchy area of Seattle and I took my moms car, which is a rather nice car. Once I realized that I took my moms car, about halfway there, I started freaking out that I was going to get car jacked or something like that. Then it progressed from carjacking to getting murdered and I went mental, I hid as much as possible each time a car passed me because I thought i was going to get shot. Yes I know that it isn’t the safest thing to do but I was freaking out. I couldn’t stop the thoughts from going through my head, my heart was racing and i started hyperventilating a bit. By the time we got there I was able to calm down for the most part. It made it really hard to actually focus on driving…it sucked.


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