Welp…On a roller coaster ride…

Today is a long kind of roller coaster ride of emotions, angry, depressed, happy, empty, and everything in between…and it’s only halfway through the day…

Today started very early, I had to wake up at 4:30 to drive my sister to the airport. Driving down was fine but on the way back up there was a lot of traffic for some reason, it was 5:30 in the morning, how the hell was there so much traffic already! There wasn’t a car accident or anything. So I got home at like 6:15 and went to bed for an hour before I had to wake up and go to work. 

I had another lovely run in with drivers on the way to work. The highway to get to my work is pretty small like most seattle area highways. It’s 2 lanes with 1 carpool lane (so only cars with 2 or more people in them can drive in that lane). I got boxed in my two cars going 10mph below the speed limit, after about 5 miles of being boxed in by these two people I said fuck it and went into the carpool lane and passed them, which was technically illegal cause there weren’t 2 people in my car. One of the cars flashed his brights at me as I passed him and sped off. You can report people who drive in the carpool lane illegally and he seemed pissed off so im worried that he reported me and I will get a ticket. They were both going so slow and I was going to be late and I was so angry! I know it wasn’t the best move on my part but AGHHH!!! So now im super stressed out about that.

Work was kind of bittersweet cause it was the last day of our morning social groups and all the kiddos are so cute and I’m gonna miss them! We kind of had a party so it was lots of fun.

I’m home for a couple of hours before I go back to work for 3 hours with a rather difficult student and I am absolutely exhausted. 

In other news my grade at school is having a bonfire party on the beach in the city tonight and originally I was going to go an carpool with a couple of friends but now both friends have bailed, one of them doesnt really feel like it and the other friend said she wasn’t feeling like going but she just said that because she made other better plans which is kind of frustrating cause i haven’t hung out with that friend in over a month. I wasn’t really feeling like going to the party because there will probably be some alcohol at the party and its a public place so its kind of stupid to bring alcohol. There is also an after party after the party at someones house where im sure there will be lots of alcohol and probably some drugs. 

Usually I dont go to parties and do stuff like that but right now i’m kind of in a fuck it mood, why not just get shit faced and let loose a little bit, forget about everything and just do something different…something that normal people do. IDK I haven’t decided yet…


3 thoughts on “Welp…On a roller coaster ride…

  1. Hey, hope you make the right decision for you. 🙂
    Also, you have a designated “carpool lane?” What is this! (I’ll probs go look it up, now)

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